A mentorship program for women who don't recognize who they are any more and are ready to reconnect with themselves at a soul level.

What if you had complete clarity about who you are and why you are here so that you always showed up as your authentic self?

What if your belief in yourself was so strong that you trusted every decision you made knowing it was the right one?

What if your connection with your soul (your core) was so clear and vibrant that you always knew that you are completely loved, valued and safe?

The Authentically You Mentorship Program is the foundation you are looking for to help you re-connect with yourself at a soul level - the very core of who you were before you started wearing the masks of the daughter/sister/mom/wife/employee/boss. It is perfectly natural and part of your process to locate your sense of self externally; any time those external factors shift you are given the opportunity to rediscover and move closer to your core. On this journey together, we will uncover the "stories" you created for yourself so that you could be what everyone else wanted you to be, and rewrite them according to the truth of who you really are.

What is the Authentically You Mentorship Program all about?

You feel EMPTY because:
  • you are confused; you have forgotten who you are and what your life's purpose is
  • you are frustrated; no matter how hard you try you aren't able to move forward
  • you are afraid of everything you can't control and don't seem able to make the simplest decision

You are once again EMPOWERED because:
  • you are secure in all areas of your life; your mind, body and spirit are once again in alignment
  • you have total trust in your intuition and make decisions that are right for you in spite of what others may think or say
  • ​you are at peace with yourself and the universe; you know exactly who you are and what you want in life
The Authentically You Mentorship Program takes you on a 3 month journey to REALIZE your self-awareness, HARMONIZE your entire being (body, mind and spirit), and finally ACTUALIZE your inner wisdom.
As you become more self-aware and are once again in balance, you will find that you can achieve a level of CALM you have only ever dreamed about.
When you are in balance and are in tune with your intuition you will find that you feel more CONFIDENT about being true to yourself in spite of what others may think.
Having self-awareness and paying attention to your intuition results in you feeling more CONNECTED with yourself, others and the universe.
The foundation of this program is learning to TRUST yourself and your process.
You and I will meet via Zoom every week for 12 weeks for one-on-one sessions to discuss what is going on in your world, and work through any issues you are currently dealing with. These sessions are customized to suit your unique needs and may include energy healing, clearing energy blocks, or removing old, outdated beliefs that no longer serve you. We may also use various healing tools such as essential oils or reflex therapy points.
  • Month 1 - we will work on your level of self-awareness. We need to make sure you have a solid foundation on which to base the work that will be done in months 2 and 3.
  • Month 2 - we will work on getting your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies back into balance.
  • Month 3 - you will learn how to connect with your higher self and your spiritual team.
Hi, I'm Louise Dawson, a Soul Connection Guide. As a Health & Wellness Mentor, I help women who are lost and stuck take their power back, regain confidence, and achieve the peace and calm that comes from knowing who they are at a soul level.

What I'm really passionate about is empowering women to find the clarity and confidence they need to live their lives authentically.

I have been a professional woman working in a predominantly male environment my entire working career. 15 years ago I realized that I was living inauthentically and had developed the ability to change the mask I was wearing to suit every occasion. I did nothing to change my behaviour and it finally impacted my health and well-being to such an extent that I was diagnosed with breast cancer (a sure sign that I was not nurturing myself as well as I should have been). This is when I learned that the only way to achieve the balance I needed for a healthy mind, body and spirit, was to re-connect with my conscious, aware, intuitive, sensitive, brilliant, creative, authentic soul that I had managed to keep hidden for many years.

As a Soul Connection Guide I am like Mary Poppins digging in her carpet bag to find the perfect tools that will help you achieve your goal of living an authentic life knowing exactly who you are. As a Health & Wellness Mentor I am like a surgical nurse - I can't perform the surgery you require, but I can give you the tools you need and support you while you operate on yourself.

Why would I choose this program over others?

I totally get that there are plenty of options available. I've done them too! There are so many courses with big names promising big results, but so many of the students fail. Why? Because there is no mentorship, one-on-one support or accountability.
This is what you will get here. Me. My full attention and my strong desire to show you how to re-connect with your authentic self so that you never feel lost, stuck or insecure again. I will be your biggest cheerleader and see the light in you when you cannot see it in yourself. The best part is there is no fluff. I have walked the walk; I know exactly what you are going through. Over the years I have acquired many tools and techniques that I will combine to provide you with a service that is customized to your specific, unique requirements. Although I work with angels, Archangels, guides and ascended masters in every area of my life, my work with you will be very practical and pragmatic. I am always honest, forthright and to the point. I will give you everything I've learned that has helped me to become a Soul Connection Guide and Health & Wellness Mentor.

This is exactly what I want. What do I do now?

If you know that this is what you'd love to do, you've read a little about me, and you'd love to be a part of this incredible journey, go ahead and click the button below to book an hour long CONSULTATION CALL with me.
On this call I'll help you get clarity on exactly where you are in life, what you are looking for, and the exact steps you should take to achieve your goals. If we decide that it would be mutually beneficial for us to work together, we can make the appropriate arrangements.
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